The Essential Features of Mobile Commerce Stores


mShopper gives you a feature-packed mStore &
an exclusive mobile commerce platform dashboard for full control.

  • mStore

  • Dashboard

  • SMS Messaging

  • Conversion Tools

  • Analytics

  • M-Commerce Training

  • Feature Upgrades

  • Support & Service

Your mStore

If it’s easier to shop, they’ll buy more. It’s that simple.

  • All pages are optimized for current and future mobile technology, including focus on industry-leading page load times
  • Search pages with large images, mutliple sorts and filters, and list and thumbnail views. mShopper’s goal is industry-leading mobile add-to-cart rates
  • Product pages with 10-image galleries, product reviews, embedded YouTube videos, social sharing tools, and more
  • The checkout flow has been streamlined to just 3 pages, is integrated with PayPal, Google, and Amazon, and minimizes both keystrokes and text entry
  • Want something customized? See what’s customizable through the Dashboard, or simply ask us, and we’ll customize according to your needs
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Your Dashboard

Who doesn’t like to be in control?

  • Import products manually, from your data feed, or from multiple integrated feed partners
  • Customize design and layout by uploading images, selecting a theme (or selecting colors), and showing or hiding page elements
  • Use powerful mobile-focused merchandising tools to highlight products, show countdown timers, and schedule featured items weeks in advance
  • Create an unlimited number of custom, HTML-rich informational pages in minutes (e.g., Shipping info or landing pages for PPC, QR codes, and short codes)
  • Example: Watch how easy it is to use the Dashboard to highlight certain products on a special page (great for SMS, PPC, and QR codes!)
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SMS Marketing

Reach shoppers wherever they are, whenever you want.

  • Text messages are the most effective marketing channel to drive sales and build loyalty (over 90% open rates within 15 minutes, low opt-out rates)
  • Easily create sign-up forms and send messages–all from within the platform and within minutes. Schedule a month’s worth of alerts at a time
  • mShopper clients using SMS campaigns have seen subscriber conversion rates increase by 10 to 30 times (don’t worry, we’ll train you on this!)
  • Example: See how mShopper clients have used their current marketing channels to build their SMS database.
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Conversion Tools

  • Payment Options

    Easily add the leading alternative checkouts: PayPal, Amazon, and Google. (Conversion rates can increase by 30% by just adding one!)
  • Abandoned Cart Messages

    mShopper Exclusive: Send abandoned cart reminders with promo codes by text message to quickly save a lost cart.  Can be sent manually or automatically after a pre-set amount of time for certain minimum cart amounts.
  • Sign Up & Save

    Turn on mShopper’s exclusive Sign Up & Save feature to offer cart-page discounts in exchange for SMS sign-up (a win-win for retailers!)

Built-In Analytics

The mStore plays nicely with your current analytics software

  • Easily add tracking codes for Google Analytics or any other web or advertising software to every page of your mStore
  • mShopper also provides detailed analytics on your SMS marketing campaigns including clicks and purchases
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Mobile Commerce Training

We want you to be experts in mobile commerce & marketing

  • mShopper clients receive initial training on the Dashboard and setting up an mStore with the highest conversion rate
  • Clients have ongoing access to webinars, case studies, best practices and recommendations on mobile shopping. We’ve been doing this since 2007 – we have a lot to share.
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Feature Upgrades

Relax! Your mStore automatically receives new features

  • No need to constantly bother your IT department or e-commerce provider to add the most advanced conversion-focused features to your mStore
  • Every year, mShopper conducts multiple focus groups on mobile shopping behaviors and extensive analytic research on current mStore performance. The goal is improved conversion rates and the result is that every mShopper client receives–for free–an all new design and set of features.
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Support & Service

Mobile’s our passion. We’re here to help you succeed

  • Hire our Performance Services Group (PSG) to manage and optimize your mStore or to create and manage a successful SMS marketing program
  • PSG also helps retailers integrate mobile marketing such as QR codes and SMS short codes into their print marketing, stores, and events
  • Every mShopper client can get questions answered via Live Chat, email, phone, and an extensive mHelp support center
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